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women’s stories — herstory

about HerStory
At least 1001 stories from women all over the world: that’s what the herstory project is aiming to collect! I am looking forward to what I can learn about women in this way, curious about women’s experiences, the way they behave, feel, think, and what they want to tell me and others about all that. The stories I am collecting, over the internet or with a microphone, can relate to all issues, big and small. They can talk about your working life, your private life or indeed any other aspect of your life.
It is important that the stories that women tell or write — both is possible in this project — are personal experiences, that they were touching or personally important.
In my everyday life, I often hear interesting stories from friends, co-workers or relatives. I like to listen, and again and again I find it sad that what is told is so soon gone.
I want the “herstory” project to be an opportunity for women to do just that, to make themselves heard and pass on their personal experience. The stories will be recorded here, and I want to give them an artistic form and spread them. The exact way for this to happen is going to be a continuously developing process.
It is my intention that women can relate their very own stories of their subjective experience, that this will be a place where herstory can become a part of history, making it a richer history.



Elke Werneburg - email: art-herstory@web.de